Ridiculous collaboration


Collaboration from early this year – when we and our guests were acting ridiculous. This may still be a work in progress. See in collaborative.



Nighttime Mingling

A group effort – acrylic on plastic.  The plastic is an interesting surface to paint on, and it allows us to put this frame on our window and create a spectacle for those approaching the house.  Somehow animals always appear in these.  See in collaborative.

Installation breakdown part 2: the disintegration

Day one – 2/6/12
Day two – 2/7/12
Day three – 2/8/12
Day three – 2/8/12
Day four – 2/9/12
Day four – 2/9/12
Day four – 2/9/12
Day five – 2/10/12
Day five – 2/10/12
Day five – 2/10/12

To see larger or in a slideshow, take a look at the collaborative page.

Installation breakdown part 1: The 12 individual panels of the Mad Collab

(1,1) Primitive Journey – Casey
(2,1) Primitive journey – Dave
(3,1) Primitive journey – Daniel
(1,2) Life of lust – Dave
(2,2) Life of lust – Daniel
(3,2) Life of lust – Casey
(1,3) The sound when it all ends – Daniel
(2,3) The sound when it all ends – Casey
(3,3) The sound when it all ends – Dave
(1,4) Transformation. re-emergence – Casey
(2,4) Transformation, re-emergence – Dave
(1,4) Transformation. re-emergence – Daniel

The lines for this site-specific collaboration were drawn by the three of us altogether, in one place.  From there, the panels were separated according to a Latin Square pattern.  For many, this pattern will be familiar from the game Sudoku, where each number appears in each column and row once.  For this installation, there was one additional row for which the pattern of the first row was repeated.  Each row had its own prompt which drove the creations that followed.  This is how the art looked on day one:

All these pictures can be viewed in a slideshow on the collaborative page.

The show begins

Fellow artist Dave Wong in right foreground

The week-long show began Monday, if you are in Eugene, be sure to come back (to the LaVerne Krause gallery) everyday through February 10th as the installation disintegrates.  An explanation of the installation and some more detailed photos will soon follow.

Co-artist Casey Hagerman (wearing orange) looking at our installation.
The reception crowd
The installation at the start of the week
My paintings and part of the installation in the South Wing
Collaborative pieces in the north wing