This could happen someday…

Live Art

I painted this at the end of 2013 and just got around to posting. Took quite a while! But I’m proud of the results, it was definitely a challenge and so far is the largest solo painting I’ve done. Actually ended up being a self portrait of sorts since I used my face to get the expression I wanted on the painter. Enjoy, and I’ve put these images in the visions + ideas gallery.

Live Art - closeupLive Art - painterLive Art - being

2014 Desktop Calendars now available

2014 Calendar

Merry Christmas! So 2014 is almost here…make sure you know what dates are coming up with these desktop calendars featuring my artwork. It’s the first product I’ve made and I’m pleased with how they came out. Each comes with 7 double-sided cards plus 2 bonus mini prints. Sit two next to each other for an extended view of the future. I’ve made them available through a new shop which you can see a link to on the side menu. They make a nice gift, keep the spirit of giving going after the holidays  ; )

The Butte from Amazon Park

The Butte From Amazon Park

Little gap in the vegetation gave a nice view to Spencer’s Butte across the running trail in Amazon Park. Painted as the seasons were changing; the bits and pieces of this scene resemble the way it looked on different days. The clouds were putting on a show on the day I started this. Acrylic on canvas 16″ x 20″. In outer world.

Cross Campus – landscape painting in Eugene

Cross campus

Had the chance to start painting outside again, now in Eugene, OR. This is a view through the University of Oregon campus towards the new Matthew Knight Arena, home to the UO basketball team. More from Eugene to come. Acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″. Part of the outer world gallery.